We all lead such big lives, SO big that they can be a distraction from your actual reality. We can get caught up in our daily activities, our routines, social media, TV, video games, job, second job, drama, hunger etc, that we forget to check in with ourselves. When we are always occupied you never give yourself real time. Are you actually in a good headspace? Or are you distracting yourself so much with your daily life that you are not sure, or afraid to even ask yourself? I will be the first person to admit, my days are full of activity. I love to experience everything life has to offer and I believe our experiences in our lives create true wealth + fulfillment. BUT, I am also aware that I have burnt myself out in the past and have experienced months of deep confusion. It is in our human nature to take the path of least resistance. For me, it is always easier to self-justify choosing a distraction over checking in with myself. It takes effort to confront myself on a daily basis.

🗣️To clarify what I mean by checking in with yourself: Taking the time to disconnect from your life, your plans, your family, your friends, your phone, and to spend time alone either in meditation, walking around, spending time in a natural habitat or spending time in your room alone. To consciously ask yourself how are you doing? are you on the path you want to be on? Have you developed any negative habits that you want to change? Are you even aware of negative habits you have? Are there thoughts subconsciously weighing on you that you have been ignoring or telling yourself, "I will get to those later?" It's important to address these thoughts or else they bubble up in your life in different ways.

Here is an easy mediation technique that I use, it helps me get out of my daily life and dive deep into myself.

21 BREATHS TECHNIQUE 1) find a place to sit or lie down 🧘 2) With a normal rhythm of breathing: inhale and in your mind say, "one" and on exhale, say, "one." 🌬️ 3) Continue this until you get to 21 and then start over again ♻️ 4) Complete 3 cycles of 21 breaths

You will be focusing on your breathing, it sounds easy right? Well, you will be surprised. Different thoughts will arise during this process and you may get lost in them, lose track of where you are in your counting and float off on train of thought 🚂. That is totally ok, just try and remember where you were in counting and restart. The thoughts that float through the mind while you are trying this technique are usually the ones you have been ignoring or pushed into your unconscious. Once you complete the breathing cycles and successfully checked in with yourself, you can address those thoughts in post-meditation (write them down if it helps.) Once you get comfortable completing three cycles of 21, you can try 6 cycles, 9 cycles or more (always in threes).

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