How do you develop confidence?

Lets break this down into two parts:

1) COURAGE OVER CONFIDENCE People tend to think about their confidence too much and instead should replace it with courage. Personally, I lack confidence, and I know that all the artists I surround myself with also have trouble as well. BUT, what we all have in common is courage. We have the courage to do what we love in the face of fear with full bravado!! According to the Merriam Weber Dictionary, courage is the "Mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty." It is the drive to go forward even if you are guaranteed to fail. It is courage that leads to growing confidence, because you start to feel comfortable with yourself in the face of uncertainty.

2) USING COURAGE TO BUILD CONFIDENCE Just like everything in life, you must practice if you want to get better. You don’t just become a good musician in a day, it takes years of practice to master - The same goes with building confidence. Start with small acts of courage, and do something you normally would not do. As you become more comfortable being uncomfortable your confidence will grow .

EXAMPLES OF SMALL ACTS OF COURAGE - Try to enjoy a vegetable that you hate - Apologize to someone you hurt, even if it was years ago - Try to have an engaging conversation with a random person or someone you really like and are scared to talk with REMINDERS - If you fail during your act of courage, that's ok - success is not the goal, the goal is the act of being courageous itself - Building confidence will take longer than you think it will, so give it time to grow with practice LASTLY I am here to support you as you have all supported me. As you push yourself to act in the face of fear, let me know about it, I want to cheer you on. Shoot me an email, tag me in a photo, DM me on instagram and let me know about your new found courage.

Would love to hear from you:

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