Daily Intention

Here is am easy technique to add to your daily rhythm: intention.

An intention will set the tone for your day as well as strengthen mindfulness, focus and keep you centered as you move through your activities. I have been experimenting by setting an intention every morning and the benefits have been significant.

For example, today my intention is THOROUGH:

Having a busy schedule makes it hard to be thorough within each task. The lack of thoroughness irritates me to no end because I am not giving my 100%. Making thoroughness an intention today has slowed my motions and kept me focused because I am doing everything thoroughly.

Another example: This past weekend I chose my intention to be “relax," and you better believe that I relaxedddddddd! Did not think about a single responsibility besides brushing my teeth!

The best way to pick your daily intention is to find a meddlesome attribute about your actions and create the intention to change for the day. If you are distracted, make your intention “focus.” If you are having trouble finishing something, make your intention “one thing at a time.” The intention can be a word or a phrase that inhabits your mind for the day, or even through the week - you can keep it with you as long as you need. An intention can even be used for an activity. Before a run, I set an intention like “steady” or “send it.” Even before dinner with my family I set one like “no phone” or “engage.”

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