Someone You Can Lean On

A friend is someone you can lean on, someone you can count on, someone who will encourage you to achieve your dreams and the little wins within everyday. It can be hard to stay motivated in life, especially now, when your favorite couch is just across the room. My friend Greg Travers (@gregtravers_) and I have been motivating each other for the past couple years. At the start of each year, we meet up to discuss our goals and openly reflect on the year that has past. In times when we need extra motivation, we create an accountability club which has been beneficial during quarantine. Every Monday, Greg and I hop on the phone, catch up and then discuss our goals from the week before. We chat about why some efforts were successful and why the others failed. We then provide feedback, adjustments and ideas that could make us more successful the following week. Then we discuss our goals for the week ahead, why we want to achieve them and how we will get there. The goals can range anywhere from: read 50 pages of my book, waking up at 6 AM everyday, sending emails to X amount of people etc etc. The week also starts with an intention like the ones I wrote about in the last newsletter. Not only do our weekly meetings keep us motivated but it feels good to celebrate your weekly wins with your friend.


1. Use a shared Note, Google Docs or any other platform that allows you to share and type in one place

2. We have 4 goals ready to talk about before each phone call but you can choose any amount you desire

3. Put a YES or NO next to each goal at the end of week to show what you accomplished and what you didn't

4. Hop on the phone for 30 minutes and talk about everything

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