Someone emailed me a few months ago asking for advice on meditation and how to start meditating - so I wanted to share my thoughts for anyone looking to get jiggy with it. Hope these simple methods bring MASSIVE ENERGY into your life.

Let's get some things clear first - I want you to unlearn your preconceived conceptions about what meditation is. It is not only about being calm, it is not only about clearing your mind - it is accepting the moment, it's about being fully present where you are right now, it's about finding beauty in the monotonous because everything in this life is a fucking miracle, even the act of breathing. You can meditate when you are mad, sad, happy, excited, indifferent, numb, overwhelmed etc etc. It is about seeing the moment for what it is. You do not need to light candles, wear comfy clothing, be in a serene location - none of that matters. I meditate a lot when I am on the subway, or really whenever I can. My life moves too fast to dedicate a time and space for it. Some people choose to wake up immediately and meditate, others meditate before they go to bed - it is whatever works for you.

Simple Method

1. Sit cross legged with a solid posture (or lay down or sit in a chair)

2. As a beginner I would start with 5 minutes and as you get comfortable increase the time - I usually aim for 30 minutes but it depends how much time I have in a day

3. Focus on your breath: breathing in and breathing out

4. When you find yourself drifting into thoughts bring yourself back to focusing on your breathing

- It is natural to drift into thought, so be easy on yourself and just bring yourself back to your breath

You will find as you do this, that there will be major changes in how you see and interact with the world. Let me know how this effects you, the changes will be drastic over time.

Metta Meditation

GOAL: To create more love for yourself

1. Sit cross legged with a solid posture

2. Same as above, start at 5 minutes and increase time as you get more comfortable

3. Repeat this mantra over and over with a strong intention

May I be full of loving kindness

May I be well

May I be peaceful and at ease

May I be Happy

If you find yourself drifting into other thoughts just bring yourself back to the mantra.

It helps to have a connection with the body, so sometimes I place my hand on my heart. I also do this meditation while hiking too.

It takes a long time to get good at meditation, just like anything you start. If you started playing a musical instrument today, you probably would not be an expert next week, same goes for meditation. I have been meditating for years and am NO WHERE near a master. So, enjoy the moment, it's all you have.

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