Mettā: Loving Kindness Meditation

Here is a simple meditation method to do just that called Mettā.

In Mettā meditation, we direct loving and kind energy toward ourselves and then, in a sequence of expansion, towards somebody we love already. Somebody we are neutral towards. Somebody we have difficulty with. And ultimately toward all beings everywhere without distinction. Instructions 1. Find a comfortable place to sit - Sitting on the floor, in a chair, laying down - whatever works for you - Mood doesn't matter, the biggest misconception of meditation is that you have to be relaxed going into, just be how you are in that moment 2. Choose amount of time you wish to meditate for - I use this meditation timer app - Recommend a minimum of 10 minutes 3. Repeat this mantra in your mind continuously throughout your meditation

"May I be full of loving-kindness May I be well, May I be peaceful and at ease, May I be happy."

4. Impact The first couple times trying this meditation technique, I recommend focusing the energy toward yourself and then once comfortable you can switch to expanding the focus toward other beings. When you wish to direct the mantra towards someone, replace the "I" with that person's name or you can replace it with anything: the world, your pet, your family, etc etc. Disclaimer This takes time to cultivate and you may not feel anything special the first time you do it, or even the 100th time. Sharon Salzberg states, "Sometimes, many times, it will be very very ordinary, very dry or very mechanical—but it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t mean that nothing is happening or that it’s not working. What’s important is to do it, is to form that intention in the mind because we’re uniting the power of loving-kindness and the power of intention and that is what will produce the effect of that free flow of loving-kindness." [Source]

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