Music Decorates Time

As art decorates space, music decorates time [Jean-Michel Basquiat]. Music has become such an easy medium to digest over the past couple decades with all the insane improvements in technology. It is impossible not to be carrying a device that can play countless hours of music. Music has become a part of our daily existence: we create playlists based on moods, most of us listen to music anytime we travel, and we share music with each other to invoke an indescribable feeling with someone. Music helps give a 4D shape to an emotion, a song can depict certain feelings that are ineffable to describe. A song can make those feelings vivid and make you feel less alone. I may be biased but music has been the driver for the greater part of my existence, I am confident that music has shaped my life. I can think back to how music led me to make some of the most crucial decisions of my life. Furthermore, I am confident music affects your life as well, consciously or unconsciously. The faces I see in the crowd during our shows are incredible. Some people have their eyes wide open, their mouths gaping with joy. Others, I see with tears in their eyes, an expression that shows how much Chelsea's music has helped them through rough times. After shows, I love to watch people as they leave, the energy is electric, it's like we all went through an enlightening experience together. The laughter, the smiles the pace that people are moving, the chatter, it's all so alive - you are all so alive. It shakes me that sound arranged in different patterns can release chemicals in your brain, bring back memories and also help guide you on your journey. I am grateful to be part of this, I am grateful to be influenced by sound and influence others as well.

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