Open Minded Bad Ass

There has been a fresh protagonist influencing my recent thought patterns. It amazes me how novel information, new knowledge and differing perspectives within the constructs of reality can shift a viewpoint drastically (if you allow yourself to be open to it). It can be hard to align with new knowledge that may obliterate ideologies we hold to be true. We are afraid that recognizing an idea we once did not believe, will change everything known about ourselves. Being open minded is occasionally labeled as hippy-ish, weak, non-confrontational and passive - but really, being open minded to new thoughts and perspectives is the most badass undertaking. Anyone can be tough and squeeze tight to their unshakeable opinions on what they believe is right. It takes true courage and spirit to open your mind to try and understand ideas that we flat out disagree with, perspectives that are new and scary, or concepts that are uncomfortable to wrap our heads around.

For me, right now, I am reading a book called “The Denial of Death” by Ernest Becker. It is a thought provoking read on how humans refuse to acknowledge mortality. We are dualistic beings - half spirit and half animal. On one hand we are infinite (spirit): we are conscious, we have unlimited potential. On the other hand we are finite (animal): we are mortal, we have an expiration date, we will turn into the food of worms one day. It is the paradox of human existence: trying to fit an infinite amount of possibility into a finite timeline. Becker calls this dilemma, the root of all anxiety. I am only about 25% through the book so I do not possess much of a conclusion to his theorization but it has already changed how I look at things, how I think about things, how I distract myself, how I massage my ego.

I guess what I am trying to say is: sometimes newness will be shocking, because you have never thought/experienced it before, but don’t let it push you away from exploration. To explore and reach for awe + wonder within the extraordinary and within the monotonous is one of the secrets to life.

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