The Song Of Conversation

Sound rushes into your brain and molds to your subjective ideological principles that have developed during your time on planet Earth. Using your instinctive bias to guide you safely through time and space you decide whether to engage or disassociate with a sound - OR your mind is so preoccupied that you aren’t listening at all. After years of focused music listening, the ecstasy of sound has inadvertently (and thankfully) suffused with listening in general, especially communicating with others. By being present, and welcoming the diversity of sounds and concepts ever evolving in music opened my mind to an understanding of the contrasting and idiosyncratic nature of thoughts. When speaking with an individual, notice the tone of voice, the speed in which a sentence is delivered, an emphasis of a word, the pauses in between for thought, a dialect, a preferred, learned and/or innate lexicon. Every conversation, a song of it own - an intimate statement that reflects the integrity of an individual. Each sentence inferring perspective to ones emotion, context, background, energy and character. Therefore, listen to someone speaking with an open mind, like listening to your favorite record - it will take you places.

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