An explanation of what MASSIVE ENERGY feels like for me in relation to playing a show:

When the show is over it feels like my heart is volcanically erupting and the blood is moving around my body at the speed of light. Every inhale, time stops and on the exhale, the world engulfs me. All I see is smiles, everything looks like it is smiling at me. Temperature makes no difference, hot or cold is completely out of mind. Although I am sweating out of every pore, and my body screams exhaustion, for some reason I want to run. Adrenaline is at its peak, my eyesight is focused like a falcon whom spots its prey from miles in the sky. My mind is thinking about everything and nothing all at once as the synapses in my brain fire at an alarming rate. My life flashes in front of my eyes, all the memories that make this moment meaningful amplify my emotional landscape, I feel everything. I double-take and look back at the audience, constantly in disbelief, in awe, as intense inspiration grows with the urge to give back in someway.

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