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I have previously written on the topic of our mind's narrow focus, about how reality will be perceived in different ways depending on ones own outlook. Your reality is the reflection of the universe looking back at you. If you look hard enough you will be able to see and feel yourself in everything. Your relationship with reality will dictate your perspective. We can easily cultivate a negative perspective by clouding our awareness with negative thoughts. It is very easy to slip into these habits of an unconscious negative thought process. Luckily, you can always change by instilling a consistent flow of positive energy into your mind. From my experience, a quick writing practice in the mornings and in the evenings help to develop an abundant and aware mindset. Here is my template:

🌞🌞🌞 MORNING 🌞🌞🌞

This is all about setting up your day, to allow love, creativity and focus to flow through you. This is the birth of a new day, how are you going to set yourself up in the morning to adventure through it?

FREE WRITING/MEDITATION REFLECTION For the past few weeks I have been instilling some habits into my day. One of those is meditating right when I wake up. Post meditation, I go right to my journal and reflect on how the meditation went. I scribble the thoughts that showed up and anything else I felt. No worries if meditation is not for you, this is a space in your journal to be creative and flow. It is always nice to let go and write whatever thoughts are on the mind. The practice of writing is a meditation in itself It can be as simple as this example, “Wow, I’m craving a banana right now. It is so interesting how bananas grow and it is funny that I always pair bananas with monkeys. That’s why I have always liked bananas because I like monkeys too.” haha! This is a section for you to just flow out with no judgement, this is for you - this is a conversation with yourself .

10 THINGS MOMENTS I AM GRATEFUL FOR This is a section focuses your day on gratefulness, it will set the tone for the day. Getting your mind in state of gratefulness will seep into all aspects of your life. Don’t stress yourself out thinking of deep things to be grateful for, just let them come to you. What are you grateful for in this moment? There is so much to be grateful for!

THREE INTENTIONS FOR THE DAY Who is the person you see yourself as? What kind of person do you want to be today? For me, I am working on being more patient. One of my intentions everyday is to be patient with people, be patient with processes and listen to people deeply, even if I want to do something else. Your intention can be as simple as “I would like to go outside today.”

🌜🌜 NIGHT 🌛🌛

The night is the death of a day, a time for reflection. Looking back at the day and thinking about all the amazing things that happened and the things that could have been better - what did you learn?

THREE THINGS/MOMENTS I LOVED TODAY We often get caught up in the day and eventually find ourselves going to bed without ever thinking about how amazing the day way, or at least a moment of it. Even if the only amazing thing that happened was that you ate a chocolate bar - it is worth writing down. Over time, you will start noticing how important even the smallest beauties of the day are worth feeling good about. Every moment is beautiful, it takes a lot of practice to see the miracle and beauty of the monotonous.

THINGS I COULD HAVE DONE BETTER This is the most important section. It allows you to look at yourself and reflect on your day. It helps you realize what you didn’t like about how you conducted yourself during the day. Not only should you write down what you could have done better but also a sentence about how you can improve the next day. Don’t think you are going to be amazing at it tomorrow just because you wrote it down once, everything takes time. As Gandhi states, “To change the world, you must change yourself.”

FREE WRITE/REFLECTION You can use this space to reflect more on the day or get out any thoughts that float thru your head. Get creative, this it’s a space for flow, a release, another conversation with yourself.

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